Amcolabora, the Learning and Research Institute, is a think tank organization, which also acts as the hub of network for collaboration of the researchers, academia, practitioners, bureaucrat as well as policy makers; as training centers; and knowledge disseminators.

Disaster Literacy

This program is purposed to enrich the body of knowledge as the basis for policy making process and encourage the youth to speak up their thoughts and ideas for further policy betterment and innovation

Capacity Building

The program includes activities such as module preparation, (online/offline) workshops, and thematic trainings.

Knowledge Hub

The essential element of the continuation of innovation is by facilitating discussion and exchanging ideas between multi-stakeholders.

Research and Consultancy

We strive to develop a knowledge-based recommended policy. This mission is supported by collaborative research and consultancy.

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Amcolabora Mission

We make a significant contribution to the world of research (body of knowledge), and especially to the nations

Five Pillar of Amcolabora

We focus on five important pillars that support the realization of a resilient nation, namely:

Education, training and knowledge dissemination

Research, survey and feasibility/comparative study

Advocacy, consultancy and evaluation

Network for cooperation, funding and public communication

Publication, online media and publishing

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We Strive to Develop a Knowlegde-Based Recommended Policy

This mission is supported by collaborative research and consultancy. We facilitate the needs to collaborate with us in many beneficial ways, such as policy paper formulation, in depth research, joint-teamwork on consultancy and visiting research fellows. Our team comprises of individuals from differ background and multi-scaled working experiences.


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