Amcolabora Aim

Five Pillars of Amcolabora

In order to realize the vision of a resilient nation a fore-mentioned and especially to support activities of the Indonesia Disaster Research Network (IDRNet), we focus on five important pillars that support the realization of a resilient nation, namely:
Education, training and knowledge dissemination
Research, survey and feasibility/ comparative study
Advocacy, consultancy and evaluation
Network for cooperation, funding and public communication
Publication, online media and publishing

Our Programs

Disaster Literacy

Our program for enhancing disaster literacy and enlightening the public knowledge on resiliency is by disseminating knowledge from young academia, early career researchers, and practitioners as well as policy makers through annual book project, international journal and/or essay competition. This program is purposed to enrich the body of knowledge as the basis for policy making process, and at the same time, to encourage the youth to speak up their thoughts and ideas for further policy betterment and innovation.

Research and Consultancy

 We strive to develop a knowledge-based recommended policy. This mission is supported by collaborative research and consultancy. We facilitate the needs to collaborate with us in many beneficial ways, such as policy paper formulation, in depth research, joint-teamwork on consultancy and visiting research fellows. Our team comprises of individuals from differ background and multi-scaled working experiences.

Capacity Building

 We believe that disseminated knowledge should be translated into practical actions. In order to realize the vision of a resilient nation, we provide various workshop and training to public, particular communities and public officials. The program includes activities such as module preparation, (online/offline) workshops, and thematic trainings. In 2019, we focus on the MSMEs’ community to improve their resiliency for the future environmental crisis and disasters, and its interconnection with the global issues of environmental conflict, climate change and circular economy. Then for 2020, we have planned programs that focus on the tourism and smart-tourism sector

Knowledge Hub

The essential element of the continuation of innovation is by facilitating discussion and exchanging ideas between multi-stakeholders. To accelerate this process, this program facilitates the networking hub between academia, researchers, practitioners, and bureaucrat/policy makers to meet, share, discuss the recent issues on the risk informed development. We are exchanging ideas in the frame of academic discussions, public lectures and seminars/conferences, as well as online platform (IDResearch.Net)