Amcolabora Team

Andi Muhamad Pramatadie, PhD

Andi Muhamad Pramatadie is a Research Fellow at Amcolabora

Doctoral Study | Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan | 2021

Master of Engineering | Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan | 2014

Bachelor of Engineering | Institut Teknologi Bandung | 2011

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Pramatadie, A.M., Yamanaka, H., and Afnimar, 2021, “Estimation of shallow S-wave velocity profiles using surface S-wave velocity and microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio based on a linear velocity increase assumption”, Journal of Seismology (under reviewed).

Pramatadie, A.M., Yamanaka, H., Chimoto, K., Afnimar, Koketsu, K., Sakaue, M., Miyake, H., Sengara, I. W., and Sadisun, I. A., 2016, “Microtremor exploration for shallow S-wave velocity structure in Bandung Basin, Indonesia”, Exploration Geophysics, 48, 401-412.

Tsuno, S., Pramatadie, A. M., Dhakal, Y. P., Chimoto, K., Tsutsumi, W., and Yamanaka, H., 2013, “Long-Period Ground Motions Observed in the Northern part of Kanto Basin, During the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, Japan”, Journal of Disaster Research, 8, 781 – 791.Oral Presentation:

Pramatadie, A. M., Chimoto K., and Yamanaka, H., 2019, “Characteristics of horizontal particle
motions from the 2004 off the Kii Peninsula earthquake on large sedimentary basins in Japan”,
SOFTech Workshop for Young Researchers, Kanagawa, Japan.

Pramatadie, A. M., Chimoto K., Afnimar, and Yamanaka, H., 2015, “Estimation of shallow shear wave velocity in Bandung basin, Indonesia, using horizontal-to-vertical (H/V) spectral ratio”, Japan Geoscience Union Meeting (oral presentation), Chiba, Japan.Poster Presentation:

Pramatadie, A. M., Chimoto K., and Yamanaka, H., 2018, “Determination of shallow S-wave velocity profile using microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio and surface S-wave velocity with assumption of linear velocity increase”, Proceedings of the 13th SEGJ International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan.

Pramatadie, A. M., Sahara, D. P., Nugraha, A. D., Widiyantoro, S. and Sule, M. R., 2012, “Hypocenter relocation by using MERAMEX data and double difference method”, Indonesian Association of Geophysicist Annual meeting (37th PIT-HAGI), Palembang , Indonesia