Announcement of Restructurization of AMCOLABORA Management Boards 2021-2024

AMCOLABORA announced the reshuffle of the Amcolabora Institute management structure, as a result of which it was agreed that the position of Executive Director for the 2018-2021 period led by (Mrs. Nukila Evanty, LLM, MILIR) had ended and moved from the role in August 2021. We are very grateful for her services at AMCOLABORA during that time, she has helped this organization in many roles such as Network Director and Managing.
In AUGUST 2021, we have welcomed our next Executive Director, (Mr. Arif Rohman, Ph.D (Cand)) He has worked in the field of research and became an AMCOLABORA FELLOWS. In addition, we also welcome several new names to fill positions in the organizational structure of the Amcolabora Institute in the management reshuffle for the 2021-2024 period.


(Plt) Executive Director (External Affairs): Arif Rohman, Ph.D (Cand)

(Plt) Program Manager (Internal Affairs): Andri N.R. Mardiah, Ph.D


1. Field of Research Publication Management and Academic Media (Paper Work/Policy, Books and Journals):

– Jumadi, Ph.D (Chairman)

– Nurmala Sari, Ph.D (Cand)

– Andri N.R. Mardiah, Ph.D

2. Field of Database Development and Knowledge Management System:

– Osmar Salih, MSi (Chairman)

– Arif Rohman, Ph.D (Cand) )

3. Field of Research, Review and Feasibility Study:

– Eka Juliafad, Ph.D (Chairman)

– M. Riza Nurdin, Ph.D

4. Field of Education, Training and Knowledge Disemination (Workshops, Webinars, Discussion Forum, Dialogue/Talk show):

– Fahmi A. Dahlan, Ph.D (Chairman)

– Arizka Warganegara, Ph.D

5. Field of Consultancy, Monitoring and Evaluation:

– Catur S. Rahadi, MAP (Chairman)

– Yaman Suryaman, Ph.D

6. Field of Event Organizing and Media Advocacy:

– Dino Fitriza, MT (Chairman)

– Nukila Evanty, LLM, MILIR

7. Field of Partnership and Cooperation between Institutional:

– Suryani Eka Wijaya, Ph.D (Chairman)

– Aruminingsih, Ph.D (Cand)

8. Field of Research Collaboration and Expansion Diaspora Network:

– Yenny Rahmayati, Ph.D (Middle East Representative; Chairman)

– Ezri Hayat, Ph.D (UK/Europe Representative)

– Desy Anisya, Ph.D (Cand) (USA Representative)

– M. Riza Nurdin, Ph.D (Representative of Japan/Asia)

Risk Assessor: Noviyanto Utomo, SE, Ak, MBus

Thank you for your support during this important transition. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.